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My Entries | Awards

Current Contest(s):

All contests have been expelled. I apologise if you entered, but they just weren't getting any entries. Please check for a new contest soon! ^_^

General Rules:
Applies to all contests unless otherwise stated.

~Please obey size limitations.
~Please keep it PG-13 unless otherwise stated.
~Up to two entries per person.
~Send entries to! (Only send contest related emails to this adress!)
~Put the title of the contest in the subject line.
~~Your name
~~URL (if any) [no website required. :)]
~~Base credits
~Please send entries as attatchments. If you cannot, send me the direct link. ie:
~Please use a transparent background. If you cannot, tell me when you send it and I'll do it for you. Otherwise, use a background.
~Please send it in .gif, .jpeg, or .jpg format. If unable, send it to me in .bmp format and I'll do it for you.
~Please no .psp. Thankies!!!


Everyone gets a prize! There are standard awards, choice awards, and special awards.

First Place: Permanent link, award.
Second Place: Temporary link, award.
Third Place: Temporary link, award.
Jessie's Choice: Temporary link, award.
Kitzu's Choice: Temporary link, award.
All other awards: Temporary link, award.