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I do live!


~May 11, 2006~=o Could it be? I am alive!? Miraclllle! New dolls? Uhh....=D I love you! I'm kidding, I mean wait! No I'm not kidding! I do have new dolls but...Bleh. I hate uploading, you know that! >.@ Been reading yaoi a lot lately, it's occupying my time a wee to much and I've not had much inspiration lately. *pokes a bunch of half started dolls* So...Maybe I'll upload...Something...x.x;-8:45 PM- Happy? I did it...One up! xD Under...Uhhh....Goth...I couldn't think of a better place to put her...-8:53 PM-

~March 25, 2006~Hate me. I don't update. xD Started a joint site with Bokana...Not much of my stuff is there either. *dies* Went to the Dir en grey concert on Thursday. It was amazing!! I hope they come back! It got some of my creative juices flowing, but not enough for me to actually do anything about it. x.x; Once again, not a real update! But on a side note, I updated and joined more fanlistings! I'm at over 200 now! xD That's probably a bad thing! Oh yeah! And I also saw Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and my god....It was fabulous! Now I need to buy/play the game! Maybe I'll doll some of the characters...I've been searching all day for FFVII doujinshi...It's hard to find now that I'm looking for it!-4:25 PM-

~January 28, 2006~o.o Sorry I haven't updated in forever...I'm lazy. Dx Anywho...I updated!!......My fanlistings..>>; Sort of...>>; Blah. I don't have the will to go on! *dies* Actually...I haven't been dolling much lately and what I do doll, I think it's crap. D= Find me on Gaia if you wanna mess around. xD I'm The Daft Hatter there. Or look around Maplestory. I'm there quite a bit. On Broa, I have SongOfChimes and Syithe. ^-^ That's it. *dies again* Not even a real update...*pouts in a corner*

~October 3, 2005~LYKE OMG! I'm updating! =O Added some new dolls and 2 awards. Dolls are in...Random places, awards are under Awards which is under Contests. x.x; I need to make a more efficient layout. xP Anywho! Joined a new forum a while back, hopefully I'll get a page up for it! Maybe take down an old forum or two...Dunno. xP Now...I need to get back to work before I lose my will to update! Oh yeah...I need to save a bunch of dolls in the right format before I upload them...x.x; Mwuaha!-6:47 PM-

Kay...I lost the will to update. Four new dolls went up. One half-assed forum page went up. A couple of dead forum pages came down. Thatssss...About it. x.x; No new contest. I forgot what I was originally going to do. xp-7:41 PM-

~July 28, 2005~If you're in here right now, SHOO! GO AWAY! You're in a restricted zone! >_< This place is getting a major update/facelift, so go away! When you can click through the front page, you're welcome back in. =3-5:22 PM-

ALL DOLLS UP! All dolls, besides forum dolls (And there're quite a few of them, too. >>) are up! I redesigned my doll section! You like? Going to map out the new layout and get it up ASAP!-9:42 PM-

Alrighty! You can come in now! Huzzah!!! Please leave a comment on my tagboard if it so pleases you! Thinking up a new contest right now! So go lookie in a bit. (Or tomorrow...)-10:23 PM-

~May 16, 2005~Wow, nearly 6 months since I last updated...Uh...Oops. ^^; Gonna try to make the awards for the AV2 contest today. I'm a procrastinator, okay, cut me some slack! O.o I hope I still have all of their email adresses....>> Updating the forums page since some no longer exist or have moved. Gonna change the newest doll...Once I remember what my newest doll is...That's it, I think. Maybe tweak the about me section and try and work on the tutorial a bit more. Also added and updates archive, yay me!-4:26 PM-

Nyah! *does the nyah nyah dance* ...You have to watch Vanilla (Live) to get it. lol. Anyway. I'm to lazy to update anymore. Changed the newest doll and gave her her own page, put up AV2 awards, changed the CRC link to go to AEA although it still says CRC ~_~. That's all. I wanna go through the pages a bit more before I delete them...-6:00 PM-

~December 26, 2004~Yes, it's been a while...Be glad my daddy came over yesterday and talked me into updating. lol. The next part of the tutorial is currently on hold...Because I'm lazy. �_� Gonna upload some more dolls. The AV2 contest will start voting, eh....Hang on...Uh, it'll start once I find the website that has the polls...It's bravenet, right? lol. I'll let you know when that's up. Still missing one persons information, though. If I get it before the poll goes up, it'll be included, but so far I haven't so it will be pulled out. Sorry!! Can't send out an award if I don't have an email to send it to. Haven't been dolling as much, but I do have a lot to upload. Have to update my forums pages and such. It just takes so long! Been working on a new layout. Hopefully it'll be done soon...That's all for now!-10:53 AM-

Chnaged newest doll. Started the AV contest voting. Will email people now. Will be moving old updates to their own page. Will make more dolls the right format for putting up...I was to lazy to Maybe I'll do some coding. lol. Oh wait, I have to take a shower...I'll try anyway.-8:04 PM-

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One of the Little Apple Dolls (I believe...) Animula! I htought she was adorable and had to do it!!
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