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Here's the simplified version, until I get a bit more time to add on to it. :) Alright, I actually read it. It's not all that simple. :P

Name: Jessica


AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): KitzuRane

ICQ: I'll know after I finally finish signing up. :P

MSN Instant Messenger (MSNM)

Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM)nightowldollz

Age: 16

Favorite Colors: Lime green, black, white

Favorite types of dolls: Fantasy, goth/punk, large dolls

Favorite Doller: Jaeden, at the moment. =)

How long have you been dolling? Since April 20, 2003. :)

What graphics program(s) do you use to make your dolls? MsPaint all the way! I rarely tool shade anymore. =)

Do you have a favorite shading technique?
I love ultra-super shiny hair. ^_^ And shiny clothes...I guess I like the shininess technique. lol.

Do you have a favorite base, or base maker? (url)
At the moment, I like waaaay to many to link up and list. =D

What are you looking for in a Sister Site
This one's kind of tough, Gypsy! Lol. Anyways, let's see. In a sister, I kinda want is mostly someone I can talk to. Someone who will actually talk back. lol. Basicaly, someone I can have a lot of fun with! Obviously someone who dolls, at least sometimes. Someone who will give their real opinion, as long as their willing to recieve my real opinion in return. Someone who doesn't mind that even though I'm utterly glued to my computer, there are still many time's when I absolutely cannot be on. :) Hmm, someone who's nice, funny, and loves to doll. And hopefully someone who shares some of my interests. :)

Tell us about yourself? Family? Pets? Hobbies? Interests?
I live at home with my mom. We have five cats, Bud, Blackie, Casper, Teddy, and Iris, and a dog, Dexter. I love my computer. Me+Computer=<3 lol. I love to read and watch movies. I love horror movies and mystery and fantasy novels/books. I actually like school, but not enough acording to my mom. :P My favorite movies, right now, are, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Oresama, The Happiness of the Katakuri's, Pirates of the Carribean and Moulin Rouge, as for animated, Peter Pan and Spirited Away. I love pretty much any anime except Ninja Scroll. *shudders* I'm kinda your typical, yet anime-loving, slightly nerdy/geeky, hormone-ridden, teenage girl. :P