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~August 25, 2004~You wanted an update and you'll get a heckuvan update! OMG OMG OMG!!! Night Owl is so excited! Last night she posted the first part of a three part tutorial! Go me! *giggles* I hope it is easy to understand. Going to upload the next part of it shortly...She wears a short green dress. ^_^ Anyway, back on track, will be uploading some recent dolls...Gonna try to code more pages...Like my sister site page. I'm sorry, Heero!!! I've been neglectful! T_T Anywho...Yeah, maybe code some more forum pages...or link the things I've bought to the creators on the forum pages I've already coded. Man..This site has to many pages...@_@-2:23 PM-

~August 6, 2004~Going to put up dollz, people think I don't have enough. =3 Only because many (See most) aren't uploaded, but that shall change!! I'm just lazy, so I never bothered to upload 'em. Lol. Also going to replace the old site with a link coming here so people wont get mad at me for the hard to find navigation. Lol. New doll down there. Going to pick Doll of the Moment and Site of the Moment tonight, so awards and such should go out tomorrow. :)-8:18 PM-

~July 30, 2004~Put up a new new doll. I will code something today...Don't ask what...I believe I put up another contest entry or two....Have another forum to add. Ai yai yai. Lol. Added a birthday count down thingy...Yeah...Lol.-12:30 PM-

~June 22, 2004~ Added my newest doll and am about to start coding more forum pages. Have yet another forum to add, also. @_@-10:41AM-

~June 21, 2004~ This is probably the first real update of the big move. I have two forum pages completely up, The Gold Ru$h and Atlantis. I'm going in the oreder they are listed. lol. I finally put up all the contest entries, I just need to link them to the contest page. :P
Soon there will be all types of pretty "Current" and "Newest" stuffs below my updates, but I wanna do a bit more linking before I have fun. @_@ lol.-11:30 AM-<